using AI to protect

Once the tests have been carried out, all your data is deleted and is in no way transmitted to third parties.

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How it's work
  • (1) The user wants to access a website.
  • They are redirected to the PixInPic verification page.
  • (3) If the verification is successful, they are redirected to the website they wanted to access.
  • If the verification fails, an error message is displayed to explain the reasons for the refusal to access the specific website.
Why should you choose
our app

availability of several languages


possibilities to customize your experience

Adaptive price

prices are set according to your needs

No robot

we block robots from accessing your site

Customer support

customer service present in the worst moments

developper mode

documentation for using the API

Create your Team

1 account to manage access for your company’s staff


a professionnal live dashboard



  • limited connections by day


  • connections by days
  • Support officer
  • Beta tools




  • If you have specific needs, you are a large company and you want to make a long-term commitment, we can establish a contract together.

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