Welcome to our API documentation. This page will provide you with details of the features and settings available to interact with our API.

How it all works in more detail

When a new user logs in to your site for the first time, they will be redirected to Pixinpic. Upon successfully completing the test, they will have access to protected pages for a duration of two hours. After this period, they will need to retake the test to continue accessing restricted pages. It is important to note that the test is tied to a single device and the same home network. Thus, users sharing the same Wi-Fi network are secure, as a successful test on one device allows access to protected pages for two hours. The script should be implemented across all restricted content. As a reminder, a user who passes the test can navigate all site pages for two hours without needing to retake the test for each attempt to access a restricted page. Beyond this two-hour window, the test must be successfully completed again.


notforchildren prohibits access to children
dev allows you to display predictions in test mode

Use the script

<script id="" src="" key="U2RDdHk1eFUwVDdLU2REWVFWYUx3NFlpZlpRMHpnaVRJc2NSMXdPWmJFST0=" parameters="notforchildren" load_script="yes" ></script>

the script must be imported on all the pages which must be protected

lets detail the attributes together:

key your site identifier but also the place where users will be redirected
parameters All parameters that can and will be made in the test such as: notforchildren, dev. Add as many parameters as necessary, separating them with commas
the key parameter cannot be used because it is already used as attributes
load_script Is used to insert general scripts useful for the proper functioning of the script like jquery and others, it is recommended to activate it.

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